Stop Radon


AARST Authorization Strategy

AARST believes we need a new federal radon law to support:

Citizen Protections
EPA – update radon action level
Workplaces – new section of OSHA rule or EPA clarify action level applies to workplaces
FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac – testing before home sale, buyer awareness/notification
HUD – awareness/notification for tenants in public/assisted housing
HUD – extend multifamily loan testing/mitigate policy to all zones
US Dept. Education – send testing/mitigation standards to school districts
Treasury / IRS – classify testing/mitigation as preventive medical expense

21st Century Infrastructure 
EPA – update proficiency program standard for certification bodies to conform with
current ISO 17024 requirements
EPA – recognize proficiency certification bodies that meet the standard
EPA with CDC – update and maintain radon risk information
EPA maps, CDC dataset – peer-reviewed study to update EPA’s risk assessment
EPA – maintain lab-based capacity for national radon reference standard
EPA – recognize and promote current consensus standards
EPA – sponsor train-the-trainer to geometrically increase capacity

State and Local Leadership
EPA – award State Indoor Radon Grants: 5-year authorization, $12 million/year
consistent with purposes in FY 17 appropriations report
EPA – require grantee States to restrict mitigation and measurement to persons licensed
or certified by an ISO accredited certification body
EPA – require grantees to pursue RRNC implementation, training, code enactment,
partnership with code agencies
EPA, CDC and HUD – collaborate to disseminate radon publications and info to consumers,
housing sector, and health care providers