Devices & Calibration

NRPP-Approved Radon Test Devices

Certified professionals must use approved devices

There are various types of radon Measurement Methods

Instrument Calibration

Required annually to ensure the device is functioning properly.

Device Performance Tests

Required of all professionals who use an analytical device such as a CRM or Electret Ion Chamber. This test indicates that the device user is proficient in using the particular device type and can provide accurate radon results to their customers.  

NRPP-Approved Calibration Chambers

Provide performance testing and calibration services to radon professionals 

Using the Device Table in the NRPP Certification Application 

The NRPP initial and recertification process must now be completed online.  Need device help? 

Device Evaluation Application

For manufacturers who wish to have a new radon measurement device NRPP Listed or who have made material changes to an existing device