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AARST Comment on EPA Notice about Credentialing Bodies

In August 2017, EPA issued a Federal Register notice that the Agency intends to establish voluntary criteria for a standard of competence for organizations that credential radon service providers.  AARST supports EPA resuming its statutory role. In its November 2017 comment, AARST recommended that EPA create and maintain systems for a balanced group of stakeholders to define minimal requirements for credentialing bodies (i.e. proficiency programs), to develop Jobs, Tasks and Skills Analyses for nationally-defined radon certifications that each credentialing body (including NRPP) would use, and to maintain a secure exam test data base.

Data Needed for HUD-Funded Evaluation of Radon Testing Protocols for Multifamily Housing

On September 30, 2017, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development announced that its Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes awarded $435,000 to Health Research, Inc./New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) to investigate sampling strategies for radon testing in multi-family housing. Currently, there is significant variation in recommendations for the quantity of individual ground floor units in a multifamily building that should be tested for radon, although ANSI-AARST MAMF requires testing of all ground level units.  Statistical analysis of the radon measurement data will be conducted to ascertain the minimum number of measurements needed to adequately assess radon risk and calculate and compare the increased health (lung cancer) risks to occupants associated with partial (e.g., 10%; 25%) and complete (100%) testing of multifamily units.

The research team, which includes Dr. Michael Kitto (NYS DOH), the National Center for Healthy Housing, and Calvin Murphy, will obtain and analyze data from over 7,000 radon measurements for ground-floor units in over 500 multifamily buildings. Only data for 100% of the units in a building can be used. Several radon measurement professionals have already committed to provide data.  More data are needed. Measurement professionals interested in offering data for 100% of the ground level units in multifamily building(s) are encouraged to contact Michael Kitto.