Exam FAQ’s


The following frequently asked questions will pertain to anyone taking an NRPP entry-level exam.

I have taken and passed the entry level exam. Am I now certified with NRPP?
Not yet!  You still have a few more steps to complete before you are certified with NRPP. 

Please click here to go to the How to be Certified page.    

Once an individual completes the online application and uploads all the forms and makes the appropriate payment, then an individual will be certified with NRPP.

The cost for an initial certification is $225.00 plus other fees, which will depend on the type of certification you are obtaining.  Certifications are good for two (2) years and then they will need to be renewed.  Currently the cost for renewing a certification is $215.00 plus other fees, if applicable.  (Both the initial application fee and renewal application fee are subject to change without notice.)

If you took the NRPP Certification exam in order to be licensed or certified in a regulated state, then you will need to check with your state radon office to determine the next steps needed to complete their requirements.

I failed the exam. Can I take it again? How many times am I allowed to take the exam? If I can take it again, where and how do I do that?
An individual can take the exam up to three (3) times. (as of August 1, 2018)  

The individual will need to make arrangement with PSI to take the exam at a testing facility near their location.  This registration must be done through www.psiexams.com.  Detailed instructions are available here to go to the PSI Registration Instructions page.  Follow the instructions carefully and registration should be quick and easy.  Exams through PSI cost $140 each time an individual attempts an exam.

How long do I have to apply for certification?
An individual has one year from the date of passage of the certification exam to complete the certification process.
What if I miss the one year deadline for applying for certification?
If an individual misses the one year deadline, then they will most likely have to take the entry-level course again as well as retake the entry-level certification exam.  Check with the AARST-NRPP Office at 1-800-269-4174 to be sure.
My employer needs a copy of my exam score. Is that possible?
Yes, however, you (the exam taker) must give NRPP documented permission to give your exam score information to anyone other then yourself.  This can be done via email as we require all requests be made in writing for documentation reasons.  Please note that verbal requests will not be honored.