The National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) serves as the credentialing and certification division of AARST and is recognized as the nation’s leading certification program for radon professionals.

Currently, NRPP has over 2,600 certified professionals qualified in measurement, mitigation, and as radon laboratories.

NRPP Certification is an ongoing effort that requires bi-annual documentation of expertise and performance, representing a high level of skill, knowledge and professionalism.
Take your business to the next level – get certified.

How Certification Benefits You and Your Business

  • Increase your professional profile
  • Gain professional visibility and credibility
  • Receive a listing on this website where consumers frequently search
  • Enhance your marketability and business opportunities
  • Distinguish yourself from your peers

Types of Certifications Available and Defined (+)

Primary Certifications

Residential Measurement Provider: Standard Services

Residential Measurement Provider: Analytical Services

Residential Mitigation Provider

Analytical Laboratory

Advanced Certificates
(Prerequisite:   Must hold a current Primary Certification)

AARST-NRPP Advanced Certificates are specialty certificates that are tied to a primary certification. Earning an Advanced Certificate indicates additional proficiency and education in one or more of three specialized areas: radon resistant new construction and/or multifamily testing and/or multifamily mitigation. Professionals who hold any primary certification, are eligible to pursue Advanced Certificate coursework and submit a copy of the certificate to AARST-NRPP with a registration form which is sent by the AARST-NRPP Administrative Office once the training provider and turned in the appropriate forms. Once processed, the AARST-NRPP Advanced Certificate will appear in the Professional Search database, as an icon next to the certified professional’s name. MORE on Advanced Certificates

 Multifamily Measurement

mfmi-badge Multifamily Mitigation

rrnc-badge Radon Resistant New Construction